2020 has brought with it challenges and changes in the way we can interact with each other. Thank-you for staying home and doing your part to help us all through this difficult time. These are some of my most recently finished batik pieces and I hope they bring a smile to your face. If you are interested in purchasing anything please contact me!

Geometry Inspired

I am discovering the ancient geometers and finding inspiration. The structure of the world we live in is amazing and I am excited to see where this new path leads.


For many years I was able to spend Friday afternoon tea time with my Grandma. It was the simple flowers that made her happy. When I grow an amaryllis, have a Gerber daisy or see a pansy I think of her. Spending time creating images of flowers makes me smile!

Prairie Perspectives

We do a lot of driving around Saskatchewan and as we drive I see many deserted buildings. There are the iconic grain elevators many of which have disappeared from the landscape. Then there are the houses, barns and granaries our ancestors built when they came to what is now Canada. What do these buildings say about our history? What lessons can we learn from them?

Stories Inside Portfolio

I am fortunate to have had two amazing trips to Europe. The history and architecture are amazing. There are lots of famous places, and they were great to see, but what really fascinated me were the doors and windows. I’m sure to the people that live there these are just ordinary doors. For me however they are the symbol of their history and make me what to know more. Who built this? How did they do it? Who lived here originally (now)? What were/are their lives like? It is the everyday things that fascinate me and these doors represent the everyday lives of people I do not know and yet feel connected to.

The architectural qualities of the old stone, brick and wood is an ideal subject for the watercolour batik process that I love to use. I have entitled this current series “Stories Inside”. Every piece that I create leaves me wondering what stories were behind that door.