Artist's Statement

Life is a journey that takes us in unexpected directions. Early in life my focus was on math and science. There were things to discover and clear answers to the questions. At the same time crafts were plentiful, the kind with rules and patterns to follow.

Later I discovered painting and took classes in technique, colour and composition. From this knowledge I gained the courage to let go of rules and expectations. Curiosity took over and I started to find my own artistic expression. Colour charts replaced spreadsheets and then when I tried watercolour batik I knew I had found my medium. The process is orderly and structured and at the same time uncontrollable. I can have a plan and then it is like the wax and watercolour do the work.

From the interesting textures in the Ginwashi paper to the tactile nature of layering wax and watercolour, the watercolour batik process continues to fascinate me. It is like an intriguing mystery unfolding in front of me. I bring my patience, compassion and understanding to the challenges of building layers of transparent colour and wax. Choices need to be made about which colours will build on top of each other to express the feeling of the piece in progress. Equally important, are the decisions about which areas of colour to preserve with wax before another layer of colour is added. As the wax layers are applied the previous layers become more difficult to see and the painting process becomes more intuitive. When the final darks have been added the wax is ironed off. At that point I experience the excitement of finally seeing it clearly!


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